​Motorcycle Safety 

The Army National Guard is serious about motorcycle safety. In 2009, Major General Carpenter (Acting Director of the Army National Guard) put out a memorandum stating that all Army National Guard members should complete motorcycle training.

Training Schedules

ARNG State Motorcycle Training Schedule

POM Training in the Capitol Region FY11


Army National Guard Motorcycle Riders

ARNG POC DSN 329-7315 COMM (703) 601-7315 

Briefings and Presentations

MSF Guide to Group Ride Hand Signals (pdf)

MSF Hand Signals Group Ride (Powerpoint)

MSF Quick Tips - Carrying a Passenger (pdf)

MSF Quick Tips - Group Ride (pdf)

Skills and Techniques for Advanced Riding -
Motorcycle School Program (Powerpoint)

Snell DOT Motorcycle Helmet List (XLS)

State Motorcycle Requirements as of 2010 (Word)