​ ​Army National Guard's Frequently Asked Questions page​


How can I get a copy of my military records

I'm interested in joining - what are the Army National Guard entrance standards

What should I do if I have a FOIA request

What Veterans Administration benefits are available to me as a former member of the National Guard

I served in the National Guard for 10 years but did not retire. What benefits are available to me

My spouse served in the National Guard and is deceased. What benefits are available to me as the spouse

I own a small company and am interested in doing business with the National Guard. Where do I send information about my company

Are there opportunities for veterans

Obtaining Military Service or Employment Verification

How can I find out about my rights and responsibilities as the employer of a Guardsman

What are the benefits to hiring Guard members

What are the service obligations in the National Guard

How do I find out what benefits are available to our family

Does the military operate hotels or resorts that are available for Soldiers and their Families

How is the Army National Guard different from the Army Reserve

What is the National Guard's mission

What is the Army National Guard

Where are Guard units located

Where can I get old Army items

Can I serve full-time in the Guard

Do I have to go to Basic Training

How do I join

How will my membership in the National Guard affect my civilian job

Once I join the Guard can I switch jobs or units

What careers and jobs are available in the Army Guard

What types of opportunities exist for women interested in serving

Do I or my family have medical or dental coverage through the Guard


***Prior Service***

Can I switch branches or specialties

What will my pay be

Why does the Guard want veterans

Why should I continue my military service with the Guard

I've been called to active duty for six months and my employer has told me I will be fired if I leave. What are my rights

Am I entitled to Veteran Benefits


Can I go to college and be in the Guard

What is Basic Training like

Am I too old to join