​The Training and Technology Battle Lab (T3BL) 

The mission of The Training and Technology Battle Lab (T3BL) is to create state of the art training environments, integrating relevant emerging and Distributive Training Technologies into the live, virtual and constructive environments for our soldiers, communities and nation.

T3BL provides a Regional Battle Simulation Training Center that uses state-of-the-art Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS) in live, virtual and constructive environments to enhance the readiness of the Army National Guard, as well as other public entities.

T3BL provides alternate training strategies that are very low-cost to the client. Who are those clients? The most obvious is the military, but others include other public entities such as government agencies, police and firefighting forces. The Port Authority of New York/ New Jersey, for example, has received Homeland Security and Weapons of Mass Destructions training through T3BL. In fact, any public entity in need of emergency scenario training might be a T3BL client.

T3BL is cost effective (free in most cases). Everything needed for the training is on-site, with skilled trainers in a wide variety of areas. When clients cannot come to the T3BL facility for training, it is possible to arrange training locally.

You may call T3BL to see if your organization or group can take advantage of this excellent opportunity for disaster training. Contact us at (609) 562-0545.